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Three years ago, I created this brand to offer products for people like myself who don't have the luxury of spending hours in the bathroom on their hair and skin. Researching ingredients to alleviate my own skin condition of eczema it became clear there was a need for better products in the market. What I did was combine the use of hair and skin into one product! Thus Fluff the brand was born... 


Don't call me a CEO...

Everyone calls me Fluff, my name is Alyssa and I hail from Boston, MA. I started this brand more than 3 years ago in my work van in between performing gas technician jobs - wearing my hard hat and safety boots. What I realized is there are tons of people who are just like me, being ignored in the cosmetic industry who work hard and prioritize quick solutions to cleanse their hair and skin. This is what makes our brand different. We focus on reducing the steps from cleanse to moisturize, offering unisex products the whole family can use. Less steps, less time and more importantly, reduce product waste.

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Monday - Friday: 9-5pm ET

Saturday: 9-12pm ET

Sunday: 9-12pm ET

Tom Smith. Owner of AS

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