A gift set featuring 3 distinct vegan based products for skin to rejuvenate hydration.

CRUSH, 4oz. - an exfoliating sugar bowl scrub made of *macadamia nut oil and tropical maracuja to reduce puffy eyes and fine lines while lifting dead skin.

Use: apply to face / body once a week to exfoliate before cleansing with Foam.

LUXURY BALM, 4oz. - is a hydrating mixture of a smooth butter derived from pumpkin seed oil to fight bacteria and soften both skin and hair. An excellent sealant for low to high porosity.

Use: apply daily after cleanse routine to lock in moisture.

SMOKE Clay Wash, 4oz. - inspired by the “clay and lay” method to detoxify with activated charcoal and balance oily skin with natural rose mineral clay.

Use: apply once per week to detox before cleanse routine.

Glow Kit

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  • Its our promise to create the very best in unisex products for your family's hair and skin. To ensure this, we opt for Vegan Certified and Pthalate-Free fragrances. We avoid dyes containing PPDA, Sodium Lauryl Ether / Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Pthalates, Gluten, Parabens, Cocamide, Soy, Isopropyl Alcohol or Petroleum in our products.